1934 and
seventy cows

Keep it clean; keep it cold; keep it moving. This is the banner we wave with pride at Plains Dairy. Since 1934, Plains Dairy has built a reputation of delivering the freshest milk in town. Once again, we were awarded a rating of “Excellent” by the leading outside auditing service, Randolph Associates Inc. This dedication provides our member retailers with a dairy program of excellence that is unsurpassed.

This same commitment to our non-dairy production has resulted in growth in this area as well.

When you want the best, it’s Plains to see.

Excellence Since 1934

When J. Lindsay Nunn started the dairy with a mere seventy cows in 1934, he could not have envisioned that, Plains Dairy would be selling hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk a day to customers more than 550 miles away. Yet, as the city’s sole operating dairy, this friendly operation remains an Amarillo icon that generates a warm, down-home feeling from a company that continues to supply the freshest, best-tasting dairy products around.

Outstanding service to customers, a Plains trademark, was on Nunn’s mind when he took over the dairy he had originally financed for another party. He quickly added former Amarillo mayor A.F. Madison as a top manager, and Nunn turned the dairy into a multimillion-dollar business.

The dairy was sold to National Dairy in 1955 and operated under the name Sealtest, a division of Kraft Foods. L.B. Parker purchased the dairy in 1965 and brought back the familiar Plains Creamery name. Affiliated Foods purchased the dairy in 1996 and adopted the name Plains Dairy. Affiliated Foods’ service area spans West Texas, New Mexico, and parts of Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and Arizona. Now Plains Dairy’s state-of-the-art dairy processing facility provides customers with a guaranteed fresh, quality product, day in and day out. Combine this with low prices and quick customer service and you have the best value available in the dairy business today. In addition to the "Plains" dairy product line, Plains Dairy also produces brewed "Red Diamond" tea, "Tampico" punch, "Culligan" water, and Fruit Drinks.

Plains receives most of its milk from large dairies around the tri-state area that have become some of the nation’s most efficient milk producers. Tanker trucks arrive daily seven days per week. Refrigerated trucks haul just as many gallons of milk in various sized containers out the same day. Plains Dairy is an award-winning dairy for its efficiencies and cleanliness.

Our success is in providing the best quality products available to the most important customer, “our consumers.”

They have confidence in our products.

Dub Garlington, President


For fresh, great-tasting dairy products; get the best, it’s Plains to see.

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